What lit my fire

 The world works in the most profound ways, by allowing different energies to pass into our lives either to better us as a person or to teach us a lesson. My story doesn’t start much different than most, although its unique.

I lived a life of simply going with the flow and no understanding of what it was like to truly “live” this joyous life we were given. I’ve had many days that were low many days where I felt lost and that I never fit in anywhere or felt grounded. The most grounded I felt was attaching myself onto someone else’s life and creating my own happiness from that for a minimal amount of time. At a certain point you feel stuck and hope that some god given action falls upon you, and that is exactly what happened to me in March of 2015.

I was finally sick of feeling stuck and feeling lost! I chose to start living my life and to start setting goals and to make a promise to myself that I WILL be a successful woman, I WILL be strong inside and out, and I WILL control the amount of happiness that I make in my life. So I started with my number one insecurity, my body. I started working out at the gym but of course working out late at night so I could make a fool of myself and only I would see, starting something new is scary especially when you start it on your own. Living outside your comfort zone is a scary yet rewarding feeling I look back now almost a year later and wonder who that woman was back then, working out and improving myself daily has given me so much confidence there are days I feel I can conquer the world!!!

I started setting goals by running my first 5K ! It was an incredible experience and I had the best friend by my side to help push me and I push her to run this thing fully through. I remember going around the last curve we were both so tired, sore, sweaty ( it was HUMID ) and just feeling an overwhelming sense of accomplishment knowing I was almost finished! I felt happy, anxious, and just filled with so much pure joy that I wanted to cry. This was the first time in my life that I set out to do something totally crazy and I did it! I crushed it!

It  was then at this point where I realized I can NOT stop I have to do more, and where I realized that I have NOW became HUNGRY for life. I now found my WHY , which is to be a better version of myself everyday. Setting goals and smashing them is the most rewarding thing a person can do for themselves. I now have made the commitment to compete in my first figure bodybuilding competition. I am scared, but I know this feeling will pass and I will step out on that stage in April and be so damn proud that I pushed myself to get there. You see some may think this life is crazy pushing yourself being dedicated to the gym, counting every single piece of food that you put in your body, but I am NOW in control of who I am, and who I am going to be.

Now that ladies and gentleman is the BEST feeling in the world. It pays off to be HUNGRY for life. You only have your one life, so how do you plan to live it.






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