It’s not all about being physically tough

Tonight I’d like to talk about how this whole game of bodybuilding and setting goals and striving to be a better human being is not all about being physically tough in fact it’s about being MENTALLY tough.

I strive each and every day to be better than the person I was yesterday that’s how we should all be living right? Well it’s not that easy, it’s been a daily struggle, a daily battle, and a daily frustration to unlearn all learned behaviors and implement new ones in my life.. Yeah sounds easy right? Afraid NOT.

As you know I’ve been prepping for my first figure competition coming up here in April and its teaching me a lot about mental battles some that I never knew I would endure, and most that can’t even be explained. In my past I always said I never felt grounded, and never was happy, and never knew what it was like to be happy, and how are we supposed to know? Especially when we were told what to do with our lives?? Or at least that’s what it was like for me.

I finally broke loose of that and needed a change, like I said before in my previous post that’s when I started working out, and would sit at home on my weekends off and learn about the digestive system, simple and complex carbs and how to build muscle, and how I could create the best version of myself. I would sit for hours listening to Dana Linn Bailey speak and just be in awe of her accomplishments with her career, marriage, as well as her body and I wanted ALL of that SO BAD. I would also listen to videos on bodybuilding.com it lit the most incredible FIRE inside of me that NOBODY was going to put out, I started following Erin sterns 4 week workout, I followed her meals and I continued to strive to learn more and fill my brain with knowledge that I could use next time I went to the gym. It became such an addiction for me that I’d get to work by 6 am, and by 6:05 I could not wait to be done at 6pm so I could go to the gym!!! That is being HUNGRY, I was so hungry that the thought of working out and improving my body and mind made me so excited and energized and motivated and determined and every possible positive word you can think of!!!

My body was changing my mind was changing and something inside of me was changing also, my confidence. You see up until I decided to break loose and do something for ME I never realized what it was like to achieve a goal decided by myself or to educate myself or to simply be an adult and choose things for myself. My confidence grew stronger day by day and I knew I had found my calling; I haven’t achieved much with my fitness career yet but this is only the beginning.

All of this sounds so wonderful now that I look back and review what it was like when I first started I have chosen to do a very difficult sport in my opinion but it’s all about challenging myself to be better. My 12 hour rotating work shifts, my meal prepping, my Mary Kay business, my Operation Live Healthy dream, and simply trying to have a social life is OVERWHELMING when you look at it that way. I’ve hit a rough patch and I think that we all can and do in very different aspects of our lives. I find I ask myself where has my passion gone? Where has this drive, motivation, energy, and being hungry?? Where has it ALL GONE??? To be 110% honest I never have an answer for myself or have the feeling of “I don’t know?” When in reality it’s as simple as this. It is SO SO SO easy to blame and make excuses and not take responsibility for letting yourself off the hook. Holding yourself to a high standard and repeatedly letting yourself down eventually wears on a person emotionally.

I needed to write this and get this off my chest because I know other individuals feel the same way I’m sure at one point in their life. Daily we’re all tested with events that occur and it’s only making us stronger and stronger each day to not give into those desires for example, in my case eating a DONUT ( lol ), or not going to the gym, slacking on a paper due in school, not paying a bill. All of these things are real life battles. It all depends on how you react. Finding that deep imbedded passion inside of you will help to overcome all of these strongholds, I repeatedly remind myself of Discipline:  “The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.” Discipline is what makes us MENTALLY tough. I’ve learned and started implementing this into my life of having a clear and concise plan as to what it is that I want to accomplish daily. Going into a sport or new hobby or anything full boar is 110% awesome, but what most don’t tell you is once your rocket fuel runs out is a steep, fast, pressuring fall when all you want to do is relight that rocket with some rocket fuel!! LOL

Slow and steady wins the race and I’ve learned that it’s best to embrace that slow and steady path. I have found myself sputtering out of rocket fuel, but what that rocket doesn’t know is I have a hidden reserve of fuel that ONLY I plan on dispersing as necessary. I WILL learn to take care of my mind and my mind will take care of my body and my body will take care of my soul. I vow each day to bite off a small piece of my dream cake until that delightfully crafted cake is fully digested this may take months, years, decades, who knows!! But what I do know is I love this wild crazy life filled with ups and downs it’s a way of keeping us on our toes, but it’s all in a matter of how you react to these situations life throws at you. Learn to be a fighting ninja, learn to be unbreakable, learn to be a shield, and most importantly unstoppable!!  

I LOVE being healthy, I love all of what it has done for me, and I want so badly to help others feel what I feel with living a healthy motivated life. One thing I’ve learned is, life is crazy, work schedules are crazy, and time just continues to slip out of our hands like water down a drain. That is why it is so important to do what you LOVE! Grandma and grandpa and moms and aunts were all correct when they told you as we get older days get shorter and time just flies by!! We all thought they were just pulling our legs, right??? You see it’s not all about being physically tough to conquer all these wonderful things life has to offer us; it’s about being MENTALLY tough.

 I was told, this fitness journey is the toughest thing a person can do. Your learning to control your mind, and once you control your mind you can control your body, and you can control any aspect of your life. ( I have a really wise Uncle 😉 )  Well said if you ask my opinion, and I live by that daily. Life gives you bumps in the road and it’s whether or not you choose to let those bumps knock you out of alignment or to let those bumps happen, but to come back and realign yourself. Having positive and motivated reinforcement goes a long way!!! I’m very thankful for every individual that I’ve encountered in this fitness journey so far and those in my life DAILY to help cheer me on!! I love my life !!!

Much love and happiness ❤

Operation Live Healthy 2016







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