Choose Happiness

Good Morning to all you beautiful people! Today is a great day, YOU WOKE UP!!! Isn’t that a beautiful thing? How thankful are you that you did! Many people go to bed with hopes and dreams and are able to wake up the next morning to make those dreams a reality and some aren’t so privileged. I am choosing to be thankful and take the steps I need to towards my goal. I woke up early with a positive mind, I reflected, wrote my top 5 things I’m SO grateful for and started my day!! Today I’m choosing happiness, what do you choose??

Happiness is not something we can wake up with it’s something we need to learn to create on our own we make decisions each morning to either dwell on the day before or what happened at work or even things that we can’t even control in the future! ( makes us sound crazy right? ) I can absolutely relate to all of those things because it was weighing so heavy on me! I literally found myself to a point where I was in such a funk that I was not strong enough to pull myself out. I referred to it as being “stuck in the mud”. Here’s my analogy story; When I was a child I was always getting into trouble, because I had a curious mind and of course I had to do everything mom and dad told me NOT to. There was a day mom was in the garden picking beans and I was very young at that time running around innocent and carefree in my barney boots  (I LOVED those darn boots)! Mom looks over and sees me near the edge of the garden of course it was the area that was the muddiest!!! 🙂 I was so excited to push my boundaries and just tap a little of my boot in that mud and mom yells over, “You better not play in that you’ll get stuck!” what does she know right? I had a master plan, and eventually pushed my luck I stuck my whole foot down in the mud slop and before I knew it I was having an extreme amount of sheer panic come over me because MY BOOT WAS STUCK AND SUCTIONED IN THE MUD!! Holy moly I’m stuck! I’m stuck! I’ll have to just live outside now, what am I going to do!! ( You know we all thought in a very educated way when we’re that old ) I was convinced, I’m DONE! How humiliating since I now had to face the, “I told you so  from my mom” flabbergasted with me she walks over and pulled me up from my armpits and couldn’t pull me OUT! instead she pulled me out of my boot!!

You see, the point of that story was that is exactly how I have been feeling with allowing everything from work, daily life, bills, money, businesses, dreams, future, life, family all of those things weighed on my mind and my heart heavily daily and before I knew it I was sliding down in that slippery slope of mud slop and resulted in being absolutely unhappy and uninspired and I’m here to tell you that although some may not hit this sticky mud and some may, but it’s OKAY!! life will be OKAY!! things will be OKAY!!, and although this may feel like rock bottom to you at least the only way you can go is up! I have been constantly reading self-help books now for almost a year and although they’ve helped tremendously we always need daily reminders and quotes and positive people around us to bring us up and keep us moving. I have been listening to a specific woman Lori Harder, recently recommended by my dear loving friend Kaycee and I tell you what. Lori is such an inspiration and I just love soaking up her positivity which is where I felt inspired to write this post this morning, she speaks of EARNING YOUR HAPPINESS.

Earning your happiness?? Aren’t we just supposed to be happy or don’t we all typically wait for something positive to happen in our day to make us happy? At least that’s how I felt it was done and after being down in that funk now I am realizing our days are all of what we make them to be. If you want to be crabby? (not recommended) 😉 if you want to be motivating, enthusiastic, or yes generally happy it all takes work and being present in our minds and in the situations to take a step back and evaluate what situation lies in front of us and to choose the positive outcome of it. The more you keep yourself in check the happier you’ll be. Discipline creates freedom and makes us all in general a happier society. If you’ve taken anything away from my post this morning it’s that you’ll take today to choose your happiness and if today is already on a bad path just say hey, self? You are doing the best you can, you are alive, and you are present, and tomorrow is a new day. It’s day one every day, and should be your time to recharge and start over. That’s the beauty of life, because you get to create your day and today is going to be great for you! I promise! We will all get there just take it one day at a time and be thankful you’re alive!!


Much love and happiness ❤

Operation Live Healthy 2016



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