Turn your mess into your message

The morning is my favorite time to come outside and truly become one with my day. I sit here with gratitude’s written out affirmations written and repeated as I sit here and get to listen to the world start its day. Everyone is waking up with the hustle and bustle of getting to their jobs that allow them security and growth. The birds are singing with the happiness of a new day. I sit here enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee that I can feel warming up my insides and eat my slice of lemon zucchini bread. Now, although my morning sounds perfect all night I tossed and turned and was woken up very early by my little furry being and constantly bugged once found out that the human was awake. So I laid in bed reading blogs of someone I’m so curious about. I want to better understand her life and to understand all of what someone overcomes to get to success. I laid in bed awake for an hour reading blog after blog after blog and something occurred to me. However our story starts, the internal and external accomplishments necessary to achieve greatness in our lives is remotely all the same. I have been sitting here with a cloud of negativity wrapped over my brain causing my thoughts dreams and beliefs to be foggy. Everyone goes through hard times although sometimes we wonder if its only us. That being happy each day no matter the circumstances is our own choice. Mental and emotional growth and knowledge of how to properly deal with what life and society throws at us takes work, a lot of work, conscious work. It also takes being resilient and learning discipline to actually put what we read or see or know into effect. I am very thankful that I have these breakthroughs although it’s not always fun for anyone involved to be around me before I have these ah-ha moments, but I truly mean it when I say I’m thankful to see these. It’s like my brain somehow just gets it, and goes duh Kirsty now get to work. I know what I need to do but why is it sometimes hard to link up the do with the know? So, slowly each day I’m rewriting or relearning or regrowing onto this story that I’ve made of my life. It’s said that our journeys are all different and no matter the circumstances big or small hard or tough all that matters is that it’s our story. The story that follows us as Gods’ flesh and blood to do good while we are on this planet. To make a difference and truly hone in on the unique person we were meant to be. Accepting who we really are flaws and all is truly just being human and as much as I am guilty isn’t it silly to actually think we are wasting our precious time focusing on the things we hate instead of the things we can fix with hard work and discipline. This thought has just been in my head and I needed to get it out for anyone who is struggling or needs a little pep talk or maybe someone who just needs to read something to get their mind off their busy lives. I want to help others feel empowered, happy, successful, and confident so I better get a move on it so I can step in the role that God has planned for me. I choose to put forth effort and take on this life, not regretfully wonder if I truly did what I was put here to do.



Much love and happiness ❤

Operation Live Healthy


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