Turkey, Egg, and Spinach



Are you looking for a simple breakfast that’s healthy and easy yet full of flavor? Well I got that recipe right here for you. This recipe is perfect for a single meal or make in bulk and use up within a day. Ready?  Lets get started!

When I think of breakfast I think of something that will help to set me up on the right foot for my day, healthy choices in the morning lead to healthy choices in the evening none the less I WANT to feel good, don’t you??

Ingredients you will need:

Ground turkey

Chopped onions ( optional )

Whole eggs/egg whites ( whatever you prefer )



Shredded cheese ( optional )



Take a medium sized skillet and add your coconut oil I typically use 1 Tbsp, while your coconut oil/olive oil melts or is heating up this is the perfect time to chop up your onions. When everything is all ready to rock toss in those beautiful onions and saute until they start to sweat or until you can smell the aroma. Next! add your turkey, when I make this I typically measure in ounces so i’ll use 4 oz, but you use however much you desire. Once your turkey is mostly browned this is when I crack those gorgeous eggs into your pan. I used 2, but you can cut out one yolk both yolks or heck even just use straight egg whites if you please. Let all this marry together into a sweet delicious concoction then right before you’re ready to take this out of the pan add your spinach! I tossed in a handful and mixed it around until the leaves start to wilt toss in a Tbsp of shredded cheese make it all melty before adding it to your bowl and WALLA! Hit it with a little salt and pepper, and your turkey, egg, and spinach breakfast is complete. See, it’s super easy and so healthy and what a great way to start your day!! Pair it with a beautiful robust cup of steaming coffee or some green tea, whatever tickles your fancy.


I hope this helps you in getting off on the right foot for your morning.

One step further to being a healthier you!!


Much love and happiness

Operationlivehealthy ❤





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