Week 1 workouts and thoughts


Week 1 is in the books and I am happy to say it was challenging.

I decided to do this cut to prove to myself that I am fully capable of coaching others to become the best version of themselves. Why would someone ever want to believe me of that if I am unable to do this to myself first. Since I’ve lacked on the self discipline, and tried focusing more on balance between food, work, social life, and the gym I’ve learned to be lenient. Which is why week 1 was tough for me. I’m relearning self discipline.

This is the second week, and I am proud to say I’ve learned what I now need to do better, we can’t all be perfect but the fact that you are trying daily to overcome uncomfortable trials, and to push yourself is such a great defeat in itself.

So, without further a due this is what my workout consisted of last week:

Monday: Legs/butt ( S.S ) = Superset

Leg extensions 3×15 ( S.S ) Leg curl 3×15

Leg press narrow 3×20 ( S.S ) Leg press wide 3×20

DB 1 legged deadlift 3×20 ( each leg ) ( S.S ) Kettle ball sumo squats 3×20

Cardio: Spin bike 5 minutes hard push at 75% resistance, between standing and sitting, cool down couple minutes @ 15% resistance

Tuesday: Cardio

Outside walk for a 1/2 hour ( steady state ) ( Steady pace continuously for a half hour to stabilize your heart rate ) PS. It was BEAUTIFUL outside, with the cool morning breeze, birds chirping, fall colors arriving. Outside walks make a day perfect ❤

Wednesday: Back/ Bi/ Cardio


Bend over cable rear delt extensions 2×20 each side ( S.S. ) Close grip lat pulldown 2×20

1 arm cable lat pulldown 2×25 each side ( S.S. ) Assisted pull ups 2×15


DB bicep curls 2×15 ( S.S. ) Barbell wide grip curls 2×15

( Yes I was lame and that’s all I did for them )


Treadmill incline of 1.5 did some HIIT , Ran as hard as I could for roughly 30 seconds, walked 60 seconds. This this repeatedly for 10 minutes

Thursday: CROSSFIT

This was when I took this whole fitness level thing to another level and without thinking stepped right outside of my comfort zone and decided to hit up crossfit at 8:30 am

The workout was incredible !!! We did:

Warm up 3 rounds of 10

– 15 second hold for handstands ( I put my knees on a box and hands and upper body was positioned as if I was doing a handstand )

– 10 snatchs’ with pvc pipe

– 10 Shoulder front to back raises to warm up mobility with pvc bar

and foam rolled. Then we were READY !

Started with 3 rounds of 5 Snatchs ( These greatly tested my core strength, and ability to gain my mind muscle connect to lift and hold evenly without overdoing one muscle )  these were fun

Then we did: As many rounds as you can in 10 minutes of

  • 10 burpees
  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 push ups

Yes this tested me. Extremely, I was out of breath, weak, just wanted to slow down and take my time, but something inside of me kicked in at roughly 8 minutes in and I told myself NO!!!!! keep pushing, and I did. I was starting my 6th round, and timer was up. Although I am an avid gym goer, this workout kicked my tush. What a great workout, highly recommend!!!!

Friday: Shoulders and Abs


Db overhead press 3×15 ( S.S ) Barbell upright rows 3×15

Sitting Db front delt raises 2×20 (S.S ) Lateral plate raises 2×20 each side, or do them together if you’d like


Ab machine 2×25 ( S.S. ) Leg raises 2×10 ( S.S. ) Laying ab crunch 2×15 ( S.S. ) Ab twists V positioned on floor 2×10

No Cardio today, this Ab superset really got my blood pumping and my abs were quite sore the next day

Saturday: Day OFF

Sunday: Legs/ Cardio


For cardio I was on the treadmill at a 1.5 incline alternating between a fast walk at 3.3/ fast run at 6.5 basically was a HIIT to get my blood pumping and get a good sweat


Quad extensions 4×25 ( S.S. ) Single leg pistol squat 2×10 (each leg)

SLDL db 4×20 ( After this I was exhausted, so I just made this one set, no superset for this one )

Sumo squats w/ kettle bell 2×15


Well this is how my week went, nothing too extreme. My eating habits have been a little relaxed, and I felt I was going to start out with following macros then I realized to anyone willing to start to change their body or test out the fitness field macros just don’t fit into a typical daily life. So I’ve learned to intuitively eat. Drinking at least 1 GALLON of water a day, taking my multi vitamin, and starting off my morning with L Carnitine.

Changing the mindset, and the body is a long process, but one I could never give up on


Hope you enjoy this, let me know if you decide to try out this exercise tag @operationlivehealthy I would LOVE to follow you on your journey as well

Much love and happiness

Operationlivehealthy ❤


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