Week 2 workout & thoughts

Week 2 is down, with 4 weeks left of my 6 week cut.

Week 2 sailed by so smoothly!!! Eating even better than the week before, I was able to fit in a cellular cleanse in the middle of the week to help shed impurities from my body while giving my digestive system a break and allow my body to reset. Post cleanse day I was able to eliminate 3 lbs. of unwanted waste that was just looming around inside my body. What a great feeling to have a “Reset” and get back on track!! During this time I have been able to relearn some self discipline and am slowly creating a “habit” when I wake up to go better myself. This is something that has always been a big part of my life, but from time to time seems to ebb and flow with how IN I am with it and how committed I am. In doing this 6 week cut I have learned that I need to push myself, and keep my non negotiables in check along with growing and stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Week 3 is only going to blown out of the water!!!! Doing more workouts and sets that typically aren’t what I would do. So with this said I’m so excited to let you in on my workouts for last week so you can give them a try as well !!!!

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Chest

Upper chest cable fly 4×20 ( S.S ) tricep extensions 4×15

Peck deck fly 2×25 ( S.S ) single arm cable tricep extensions 2×15

Push ups 4 sets until failure

Wednesday –  Back/ Abs/ Cardio

Cable row 3×15 ( S.S ) cable bicep curl 3×15 ( S.S. ) sitting cable lat pulldown 3×15

Overhead cable pulldown 2×20 ( S.S ) db bicep curl 2×20


Cable ab crunch 2×25 ( S.S ) laying ab crunch with medicine ball 2×20


Elliptical 10 minutes – at a decent resistance

Thursday – Calves/ Abs/ Cardio

Seated calf machine 5×20

Standing calf machine 2 sets until failure


Yoga ball ab crunches 4 sets until failure


Treadmill incline of 1.5 alternating between jogging and walking for 10 minutes

Friday – Shoulders

Sitting db front delt raises 3×15 ( S.S. ) barbell upright rows 3×10

Db lateral raises single arm alternating 3×15 ( S.S. ) Plate lateral single arm raises 3×10

Single arm smith machine overhead press 2×5 each arm ( S.S. ) smith machine overhead press 2×10

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest, planned to workout, but wasn’t able to make it, and that is completely okay because it allowed me to preplan for my week ahead and bomb my week to a T !!


Enjoy these workouts and see how you like them !! If you do tag me with @operationlivehealthy on Instagram or on my Operationlivehealthy fb page!! I would love to be a part of your journey !

Much love and happiness

Operationlivehealthy ❤





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