Week 3 VLOG {{real raw video}}

Hey everyone,

Week 3 is down and onto week 4!! I felt very called to do an uploaded video today versus just always writing how I truly feel. We had a great weekend filled with family, balance, and foods!!! We did not train, but time off is always essential. This is just how I feel about balance, goals, and how to push past being unmotivated. We all hit walls from time to time, but sometimes we need to recognize these walls or “feelings” of resistance and just push past them. Hope you enjoy the video, I know that sometimes you just need to jump in before you’re ready and that is exactly what I did today. No makeup, bathrobe, sweaty gym hair, but it’s ME. This is who I am, and this is what is coming from my heart. Hope you appreciate the authenticity!! ❤

Much love and happiness


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