Week 4 & 5 update



Well another 2 weeks is down and I can’t believe that this 6 week cut is almost over. I’ve had so many ups and downs and have learned so much more about who I am and where I can do better and where I need more self discipline. First lets talk about ACCOUNTABILITY. The willingness to take responsibility for your own actions. I have learned so much about accountability within these last 5 weeks and not only with doing a 6 week cut, but my fitness journey in total.

Week 4 I decided that I was going to workout at home and do my cardio outside since I had so much going on during the mornings before work. This started off like a wonderful idea, and then slid into allowing myself to slack and lacked the accountability for myself. Monday I ended up doing some pushups, sit ups, and plyos at home with going for a wonderful walk in the morning. Tuesday I just went for a walk outside, and by Wednesday the lack of putting on my gym clothes and creating a need for me to leave my place turned into me working on my dreams not on the physical level which is just fine, but I ended up letting myself down.

With how week 4 went I ended up learning a lot about myself. Sometimes we can look at a situation two ways. We can either look at how I let myself off the hook and “failed” and let my self down, or I can look at it from the aspect that I’ve made peace with how week 4 had gone and used it as a push forward to catapult me into week 5 of getting back into the gym and hitting it hard and making up for what I lacked week 4. I also learned that deciding to do a workout at home does not work for me and I need to have a reason to leave the house and get myself to the gym.

Week 5 however went quite well!! This is what my workouts looked like:

Monday ( legs )

4×20 kettleball over shoulder swings S.S 4×20 leg extensions

4×15 lying leg curl machine S.S. 4×10 sitting leg curl machine

4×20 standing calf raises

Cardio – stair stepper 15 minutes

Tuesday ( back )

5×10 lat pulldowns S.S. 5×10 cable row S.S. 5×20 bent over lat pull down

Wednesday ( chest )

4×10 bench press

4×10 db incline press

4×10 peck deck machine

Cardio – treadmill HIIT 15 minutes

Thursday ( full body )

3×30 kettle ball overhead swings

3×60 jump rope

3×30 sit ups

Friday – DAY OFF

Saturday ( shoulders )

4×10 db sitting front delt raises S.S. 4×10 standing bb front raises

4×10 sitting db overhead press S.S. 4×10 standing one arm overhead press S.S. 4×10 db lateral raises

3×10 bent over cable rear delt pull S.S. 3×10 standing cable upright row

Sunday – DAY OFF


This last week is going to be great!! I’ve made a lot of progress and am only continuing to grow!! I can’t wait to compare my before and after pictures and show everyone how much progress you can make in simply 6 weeks with eating 80% clean and 20% relaxed. Losing weight is a marathon of progress and doesn’t just happen over night. Simple to say, but the progress flows along more smoothly once this is understood.

Thank you for following my fitness journey and I hope that there’s something you can take away from it !


Much love and happiness ❤













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