Almond joy Isagenix shake

Alright, so I know that Isagenix came out with a mint chocolate protein. Well, I unfortunately was one of them that was unable to order before selling out. 

So!! I made this wonderful and delicious recipe this morning that I call an almond joy protein shake!! It was so delicious so I’ll stop talking so we can get to making that shake!!

First things first you’ll need:

Isagenix isalean or isapro chocolate protein


1/2 tsp measuring spoon

Shredded coconut

Mint extract 

Ice cubes


Unsalted almonds

Okay, so in your cup mix 1 scoop protein. Add 3 ice cubes. Toss in approximately 10 almonds. 1/2 tsp mint extract. Decent pinch of coconut this varies on your love for coconut :). Then add your water, and BLEND !!!!

Blend until the almonds are all chopped up coconut is finely shredded and until it makes a thick creamy chocolatey minty protein shake !!

Super duper easy, and I hope you enjoy !! Not only is it a delicious flavor filled shake, but the added benefits of Isagenix protein makes it so much better! 
Let me know if you try this, post on my fb page operationlivehealthy or tag me on IG @operationlivehealthy. I’d love to hear from you!!

Much love and happiness ❤  


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