Wild caught salmon and asparagus 

Are you looking for a healthy yet quick meal for you or your family ??? I’m glad you’ve gravitated towards my page because I have that recipe for you right here!! 
I do have to say this is probably my most favorite meal paired together , I made a baked sweet potato to go with this and it was such a complete and healthy meal. 

Wild caught salmon can easily be paired with; a bed of rice and wilted spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli, a salad, or any healthy vegetable you like. 

Let’s get to cooking 

First you’ll need: 


Wild caught salmon fillets

Aluminum foil

Baking sheet

Olive oil

Himalayan salt


Garlic powder


Liquid aminos

Preheat oven to 350•


  • First I wash my asparagus blog dry and cut the hard ends off. Once these are all cut to your liking line your baking sheet with aluminum foil and lay your asparagus out. 
  • I have an olive oil sprayer, but you can also use your thumb to cover most of the opening on your olive oil bottle. Next we will drizzle the asparagus focusing on the tips. Once this is done sprinkle some Himalayan salt and pepper on top and toss in the oven if it’s preheated. Set your timer for 11 minutes.

  • Now we will prepare our salmon. I used a George foreman, if you prefer to pan fry, grill, or any way you like your fish go ahead and get that ready. 
  • I washed my fish and patted them dry, once this is done I then take my olive oil and spray that on top of the fillets. Take the garlic powder, dill, liquid aminos, himalayan salt, and pepper and I sprinkled this on top of the fillets to my desired taste. Lastly spraying a decent amount of liquid aminos.

  • By this time your pan or George foreman should be hot, toss your fillets on the grill or pan and set your timer for 3 minutes.
  • Once I tossed my fish on the grill my timer was going off for my asparagus. So check them and decide if they are done enough for you. If not cook 2-3 more minutes to desired texture.

So now once your asparagus is done, and your fish is done plate it all up and there you are as simple as that.
A healthy and quick recipe for you or your family 

If you tried this recipe and loved it I would enjoy hearing from you!! 
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Tag me and let me know !!!


Much love and happiness ❤


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