My 6 week transformation

I am absolutely ecstatic that I am writing this post. When I had this wonderful idea to challenge myself into doing my own coached 6 week cut I honestly wasn’t sure how it was going to go. But the idea of it scared me and excited me at the same time and I KNEW in my gut that this was something I’m meant to take head on.

When I first started I thought I would formulate my macros for myself and follow them which wasn’t a huge deal, but then I realized that I of course want to coach others and following macros day in and day out for a beginner doesn’t seem like a realistic option. So then I went to intuitive eating, this seemed to go pretty well but I wasn’t on a consistent schedule. In the beginning of my 6 week cut I was introduced to Isagenix, and let me tell you the change it’s made for me. So I told you a little bit about how my first and second week went so by week 3 I said, ” Self, you are committing to eating the same thing each day this week.” This involved an isagenix shake post workout, small healthy snack, and 1 large meal followed by an isagenix shake and snack around night time. This week my body absolutely was honed in and I felt in control of where my results were going.

I was working out roughly 5-6 days a week with only being an hour or so and moderate cardio. My recipes and workouts have been updated during my 6 weeks on my blog here. At work we had united way one week then Halloween festivities the next, so 2 out of 6 weeks I was exposed to food that I wouldn’t typically eat, but I wasn’t going to say no. I’ve learned we need to live a life of balance. This involves splurging when the time is right yet understand how it’s going to make our bodies feel along with our moods and just know this is a temporary feeling. I described this in a vlog on week 3 of my cut.

We simply need to just be in tune with our bodies to understand how to approach balance. My boyfriend and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend up north with his family we indulged on baked goods, restaurant food, and some candy. We came back and that Monday I was holding so much water, this post is shown at operationlivehealthy on FB. Two days later after simply getting back into my routine my body went right back to how it looked prior to that food. Now I could have easily allowed how I felt and what I looked like to give up, because sometimes when times get hard we can give up right? Well I knew this was temporary and pushed on.

Week 4 I was so busy during my mornings that I decided to try and workout at home. Let me tell you how much of a flop that was. I had no accountability on my part and allowed myself to slack. I could probably be further along with my results if this hadn’t happened, but we’re human we learn and we move on. I used how I felt during week 4 and my disappointment in myself to push even harder during week 5 to help keep me more on track I prepped my food, established a good balance of carbs, fats, and proteins that made me feel satiated and happy and was prepared for success.

Week 6 however was game on!!! I went flying into week 6 with so much energy and happiness. I had finally achieved my goal! When I started my 6 week cut I was fairly active, but the quality of food and protein I was taking in wasn’t gaining me the best results for my efforts. This is why I am absolutely in love with Isagenix. I can tell a massive change in how my body is growing, eliminating, and how much more energy and stamina I have. I started at around 152.2 lbs. ( drumroll please )…. as of this morning 11/6/16 I weighed 145.8! So in total for my 6 week cut while including Isagenix products, healthy snacks, lots of water, and balanced meals in my body I eliminated a whole whopping 6.4 lbs.!! I am so beyond proud of myself for sticking with it and pushing myself and seeing results.

Pictures only show physical changes. I have made some incredible emotional and mental changes as well. My composition has changed in this 6 weeks, so although I’m not “shredded” or “super lean” I have eliminated 6.4 lbs a very healthy way. I’ve always said a fitness journey is like a marathon. You better get training because it’s going to take a while before you are at the peak of your performance. I take my journey with this mentality and it allows me to push past resistance and keep going and growing into a better person. This was challenging, and I am now able to continue this habit I’ve made for myself to potentially get my body leaner or more muscles in certain areas that I want. It’s all a learning lesson and I feel everyone needs a little challenge in their lives because simply “If you don’t push yourself to fail you’ll never truly see how far you can grow.”

I am so thankful you have followed me on my journey. I would love for you to follow me on my social media accounts while I embark on exciting and bigger challenges in my life.

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Isagenix: http://www.kirstykussatz.isagenix.com

Much love and happiness ❤



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