Meditation•Clarity•Divine Purpose


Good morning all you beautiful souls in the world ! I am so thankful for this day, and everyday. Most especially for this day, I have been through so many waves during my time of personal development (PD) that I have had so many NEW realizations lately, and felt very inclined to share them with all of you. 

As I was jolted through every cell in my body to start operationlivehealthy I knew deep in my soul that this was not my idea. This is not my plan. This idea, this want, this spark inside of me pushing me and telling me to get out there and help those in need is a divine gift from the big man upstairs. My soul seeks to help others and once I’ve learned to quiet my mind and truly listen to what’s being given to me, this is when I experience the most clarity to fulfill my purpose. 

As of lately I’ve REALLY been called to meditation. I’ve not yet mastered my mind, but I’ve gained control over my thoughts and have the confidence of knowing what to allow in my mind. As Ms. Lori Harder spoke the other day. Our minds are fresh fertile grounds, we need to continuously give our brain sunshine        (happy thoughts) and water (knowledge) in order for us to flourish positivity and REALLY tap into who we are and why. Many entrepreneurs and self made individuals practice meditation and create mantras for themselves. They start their day out with taking care of themselves first. This allows us to truly be a barrier for what the world is going to throw at us today. Once we can gain control over our thoughts and understand what we allow to fester, this is when we truly become the master of ourselves.

This morning I started out my day with meditation. I wouldn’t admit I’m a meditation expert just yet, but from my time of (PD) I have learned how to quickly find my center and empty my brain of any thoughts. I sat with an app I downloaded on my phone as it played a very relaxing tone I simply sat and internalized my one question. “What is my next step.” Lord please allow me the ability to be your image and carry out my purpose. I vow to myself to be fully present and to be aware of the signs you set out for me. I sat for 5 minutes and let this question fill my empty head space. “What is my next step.” Then it came to me. All I truly felt inside my heart was, be YOU. Be CONFIDENT, and learn to follow that. 

Oh my gosh was this such a lightbulb! Of course! How am I suppose to help others to feel confident, happy, and authentically themselves if I don’t feel CONFIDENTALLY & AUTHENTICALLY me!! 

We go through society wrapped up in fear, regret, and shame with our inner self SCREAMING to be let out ! Our souls are trapped in a cage that is locked in by society. When we follow this lifestyle we truly are becoming unhappy and this I feel is what leads to depression, anxiety, and sadness. Since there are truly many realms of sadness, depression, and anxiety I can safely say in my opinion this is a leading cause from not breaking the cage open and following our souls divine purpose!!! I love how I feel when I quiet my mind, and feel lead to my next steps of helping myself & others.

I plan to carry out and create a habit of meditation and to truly become the best version of myself through the steps I’ll be taking. “Nothing changes if nothing changes” and I love love love this quote!

So, if your soul is ready to BUST through your head, chest, or gut. 

This is my friendly reminder to quit ignoring the knock. 

Quit quieting your soul like a small child. 

Our soul is our intuition, our guidance, and so much bigger than we will ever comprehend. 

This is your permission to let it out, be YOU unapologetically, and AUTHENTICALLY! 

I know I surely will. I love changing and growing into my place.
I know you will too, just let go. Be you. 

For this blog is a reminder not only for myself, but everyone who felt called to READ this. 

Here is your sign.

Much love and happiness ❤


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