Trying something NEW! 


I’m so excited about today how about you?!!

Trying something new can always be scary and as humans we have the ability to easily talk ourselves out of trying something NEW! I know this is a FACT because I use to do it!

Today I decided to put myself on that scary ledge and just jump with two feet not even thinking twice and gave something NEW a shot!

During my 6 week cut that I did a few weeks back I struggled with working out at home which turned into an excuse to just not even move my body. ( how icky and negative does that sound .) My mood was awful I was on edge that whole week, but I feel it seriously stems from going against what our mind, body, and soul is TELLING us to do. If you look back at anything in your past that you didn’t do from mentally talking yourself out of it. It is amazing to realize that it wasn’t the task that wasn’t achievable. It was us telling ourselves it wasn’t achievable. Our brain is a complex organ that easily adapts to what we continually tell it. So it’s about time to flood it with positivity!

The best part though is we have the ability to shift our perspective and face new challenges and fears dead in the face. Once we understand the meaning of being a beginner and allowing room for improvement. The task at hand then doesn’t seem so far fetched. I ended up being busy this morning and I could have easily said well this means I’m not going to the gym but HECK NO! I know how I feel when I don’t move my body so I decided to give Lori Harder’s #14dayholiburn a try and here’s how it went!

Hope you enjoy!!

Remember tying something new is just a perspective shift away. Getting going is the hardest part but once you align your mind, body, & soul with what truly fires you up everyday. It feels like such a blessing. Never be afraid to be a beginner, it’s the best part! You have room for improvement and are able to make mistakes and feel and potentially look silly until you get into your groove. This video is nothing spectacular and most definitely isn’t “perfect” or “cute” I am focusing on building muscle and sometimes I retain water. Like today! But I still showed up, I was ready, and I kicked butt! I feel fully accomplished and proud of myself. We live once you guys, I choose to take control of my life and squeeze the heck out of it until I no longer can. Your time is NOW!!

Much love and happiness

Operationlivehealthy ❤


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