Filling up my cup with coffee 

Roughly 4 years ago I had something happen to me that forever was embedded in my heart. Although it was small, the act of it was very impactful. I was living in St. Cloud, out of beauty school just trying to get my life together and money was always tight.

One day I felt like getting a coffee at caribou. This is how tight money was, I searched all areas of my car for money as well as emptying out my piggy bank OFTEN. I managed to collect 3 dollars and some cents in nickels and dimes to get my signature drink. A white chocolate mocha. You could say I had a champagne taste with a beer budget. So I walk into caribou already frustrated with my lack of money to order my small white chocolate mocha and the cashier goes your coffee is already paid for, and in that moment I was confused? I handed her my money and said here, she goes no, someone left money from earlier and your coffee is paid for. Have a great day!

Okay, so yes I was immature and thought I needed a coffee when I couldn’t afford it, but it was this small act of someone paying it forward that put me at ease that day. It turned my day around 100% and it was then that I realized how important it is to do small acts of kindness and pay it forward, because you truly never know what internal battles people around you are facing. The act of giving is truly a god given act.

The gift of giving makes a heart feel whole and that is why I wanted to pay it forward by paying for someone else’s coffee today.

Notice what the lady says to me when I drive up to pay. (What goes around comes around I feel so grateful.) I drove off with the biggest smile on my face. I only hope the act of paying it forward today either helps change someone’s day, or it inspires someone to keep it going.




Much love and happiness


Operationlivehealthy ❤️️


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