My Red Kettle reason this season

Today will forever be a day that’ll remain in my heart.

The act of doing good and giving selflessly especially this year has really hit hard with me. Everybody volunteers for their own special reasons, and mine this year was to simply pay it forward and give in any way I could to those in need. Whether it’s for toys this Christmas, clothes, food, HOPE. Anything.

My morning started with first putting on my long johns, wool socks, hat, winter jacket, scarf, and finally my mittens. I then drove to JcPenny where I would be bell ringing for 2 hours. I felt something so pure today in volunteering this way. The weather was 18 degrees with a minimal breeze and partial sunshine. I walked up to the red kettle opened up the bag put that apron on and  grabbed my bell of choice, simply situated myself, and said OK. Here we go! Lets change a LIFE!

In a matter of 5 minutes people were putting their coins and bills in the kettle and something within me was growing. The love I have for this community, for those who are appreciative, and the shift we can do together. I was given a “Hey, thank you for doing what you do,” and “Thank you for volunteering” a handful of times. This I have to say felt very humbling. I had a gentleman who emptied his pockets and put his money in the kettle, once he finished he said. “I appreciate what you are doing today,” my mom lost all of her belongings this summer and with the help of Salvation Army she was able to replace what she lost. The true genuine words this man spoke made me tear up, mind you in 18 degrees it quickly was turning into a cold tear.

It was in that moment that I was so happy I was drawn to volunteer today. Just think how this woman’s life was changed with donations. I got a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and would you like some hot coffee? I was able to get a glimpse of kindness that still surrounds us, especially when you’re present in the moment and are able to absorb it.

Everyone kept their hustle and bustle during those 2 hours I saw many faces as they entered the mall and exited, and here I stood feet and hands quite chilled nose dripping ringing this bell with a smile on my face greeting everyone who came past. I quickly grew thankful for all I have within my life. Volunteering today was one of the best feelings and I want to help continue to pay it forward. There had to have been $50 plus dollars that entered that red kettle today, I feel so accomplished in the change I know I will make in someones life this year. The best part of it is not only will I change someone else’s life but my life be forever changed. Feelings I felt today of love, gratitude, and kindness have been eye opening.

I love paying it forward and only hope you would take on your volunteering efforts too. We all have the ability to make a difference. This year is all about that for myself, and David.

Happy Holidays everyone,

Much love and happiness

Operationlivehealthy ❤



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