DIY Christmas gifts

Have you been scratching your head with some last minute gift ideas? Do you maybe have that one person who is ALWAYS hard to buy for? Well I have some ideas for you!

Like I talked on my very first blog for my 25 days of blogs, vlogs, and paying it forward I talked about how I typically make gifts for friends and family members mainly because the meaning is so much greater, and it can also sometimes be cheaper! Plus you get to put a little love into making them. So I put together a small list of 5 little DIY gifts that you can make to add to a basket for someone or simply stick it in their stockings! I’ve made a couple on this list, and they were so handy and everyone loved the thought behind it and the convenience of the gift.

I got all of my ideas off of pinterest initially so what i’ll be doing is adding the link for the gift!

Lets get to it!

  1. DIY BATH BOMB – Such a fun addition to a bath and a great way to givr someone a need to relax! Especially if you gift them a book, candle, and this bath bomb. What a great way to spend a night! ( I’ll be making these soon )


2. RICE HANDWARMERS – I made these last year with my mom and it was so fun to make these. We added a drop of essential oils on the rice before we sewed them shut. I’ve used these numerous times they are so handy and you can customize them however you like!


3. LOTION BARS – I love lotion bars they are so convenient and can be made in so many different shapes and scents. My mom and I also made these last year and were luxurious. I recommend if you do make these to take the time and purchase a good container to hold your lotion bar in.


4. MODGE PODGE CANVAS – I actually made this for this Christmas! Make sure to use laser ink and a good high quality photo paper. Don’t waste your time trying to save the extra for normal paper. I’ve learned my lesson with this, but you can use matte modge podge or gloss whichever intrigues you. I chose matte so the light didn’t shine on it, but these are so fun and you can choose so many different sizes of canvases. Have fun with it!


5. WHIPPED BODY BUTTER – Whipped body butter is a STAPLE in my routine during the winter months and what a great way to make this paraben free and as natural as you like! You can add so many different scents, patchoulli vanilla is my favorite.


Hope you enjoy these ideas! They are so fun and can be a memory maker especially if you wanna get a group together to make these or make them with family members. I loved making these with my mom and having that memory.


Much love and happiness

Operationlivehealthy ❤


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