My Christmas wish


Oh my gosh I can not believe that these past few months have just flown by. We have only 4 more Fridays until CHRISTMAS!! Are you kidding me?

Well, this is why I was inspired to do 25 days of blogging, vlogging, and sharing wonderful ways to pay it forward. The holidays can be so stressful, yet become so disarrayed from what they’re really about. When I was younger Christmas was always exciting of course because I knew I was getting presents and eating wonderful food and seeing my loved ones. I was thankful, but never understood the real meaning about it all. As I’ve grown into adulthood in my late teens early twenties I struggled with having money for gifts, yet I felt I needed to give to everybody mainly because that’s who I am. I love giving. The anticipation of waiting for the presents to be opened that I spent hours creating, gluing, painting, and either sewing or crocheting would make my blood pressure shoot through the roof with excitement! It was like they were unwrapping a piece of my heart, my mind, and my soul. It was so hard to hold it all in. Needless to say since I didn’t have much money to go buy presents I simply made them for my family and friends and found this to be so much more satisfying and unique. Now that I am at the age of 25 within this last year the meaning of the holidays has REALLY sank in. I mean REALLY REALLY sank in. I want nothing more than to help others. My heart is so full of love and hope that I am brainstorming ways to help pay it forward and give to those who really need help and love this holiday season.

My first step this Christmas and thankfully I have a partner who is like hearted. Our first step is to not purchase gifts for one another. So yes, no stockings will be hung in our home and no presents under our tree to one another, and this couldn’t make me happier. We plan to give to anyone in need, volunteer our time, and purchase gifts for families, children, and show love to those who need it the most this holiday season.

I DISIKE how our society turns the holidays into this GREEDY ENVY fest of emotions. Black Friday deals are cool, yeah no doubt but do we really have to hurt others just to purchase OBJECTS? Simply, this is just my opinion, because this use to consume me and turn Christmas into something negative and sad because I wanted to have the money to buy these gifts. When BUYING THINGS, is NOT what it’s all about. This is why I feel doing a 25 day blog of truly what Christmas means to me and if I can touch someone’s heart and turn a closed mind into an open mind my wish will come true.

I will have the most rocking 2016 Christmas of all time. The love is out there, we just need to surround ourselves with those like minded souls. Spread our wings and lock arms. If myself or you don’t make it a point to shift how we view the holidays and simple day to day life with the heart on our sleeves, then who will??

Happy HOLIDAYS everybody!! May you read my blogs, watch my vlogs, and read with an open mind these next 25 days and shift your perspective and heart to become the fullest and best version of you that there will ever be.



Much love and happiness
Operationlivehealthy ❤


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