Ultimate holiday destress treatment 

Do the holidays stress you out as much as they do me? It’d be silly to believe we don’t achieve a high stress level especially this time of year. During my 25 days of blog, vlogs, and paying it forward I wanted to PUSH the importance of SELF CARE.

We all have the ability to spread ourselves so thin not only now, but also in general day to day life. How often do you take a break for YOU and pamper yourself? The BEST part is we can do this without  breaking the bank for a relaxing massage and facial or mani pedi. Although it would be way better to relax and have someone else do the job tonight we are going to focus on loving our own body, and mind.

Do you know that our brains crave silence? Hence the importance of meditation and learning to be present in the moment and find our center.

Through practice, this is one of your BIGGEST ways you can learn to destress yourself! ( fun fact isn’t is, so now you have no excuse to allow yourself to become too overwhelmed ) you’re welcome 😉

When we learn to quiet our mind and become one with ourselves we can then accept the wonderful thoughts and feelings that come to us but first is self love. Taking these special nights to make some tea run a bubbly bath grab a good book and get centered is so CRUCIAL for a happy healthier you!

I yearn for these nights that I get to pamper myself because I am also guilty of pushing myself past exhaustion so this blog tonight is for both YOU and ME!

Let’s get started:

Crucial items you will need!

  1. Bathtub and water 🙂
  2. Bath bombs and/or bubble bath ( if you don’t have bath bombs my previous blog post talked about how to make these babies at home! )
  3. Candle, setting the mood for our pamper night is so important, so light a delicious candle, pop on some relaxing music and let’s continue!
  4. Book! ( this is optional, but I love nothing more than relaxing and feeding my brain with knowledge! )
  5. Delicious cup of relaxing tea, my all time favorite is sleepy time. Inly if you’re relaxing prior to bedtime otherwise peppermint is always great as well as chamomile. Whatever your drink of choice is, get it going and lets go take our bath!
  6. Face mask ( to apply before our ultimate relaxation )
  7. Luxurious body butter or oil for after our bath! ( also my previous blog talked on how to make body butter at home. )

Okay so now that we have our bath ran with either bubbles or a bath bomb, our candle is lit, face mask on, have our book of choice or light relaxing music playing, and our beverage of choice. We are ready to submerge ourselves in our baths.

And…… relax.

Once we are finished! Slather on that body butter or oil of your choice. You should feel renewed and stress free! I love to apply my lotion and massage my feet hands legs arms just to fully stimulate my  skin and feel present within myself. Usually post bath I’m so relaxed I usually go right to sleep.

I turn my Himalayan salt lamp on, apply my peace and calming essential oil to my wrists and into a deep R.E.M. Sleep I go.

Allowing yourself to truly believe that you DESERVE this is so so so CRUCIAL!! Love your body, your mind, and your soul. The results you will gain from making this a healthy habit will be life changing. Literally, you’ll be a calmer more collected you with soft a*s skin and a glowing complexion.

I challenge you to make this a weekly habit, or start it at a monthly habit and see how you feel.

I hope you enjoyed learning to love your body and start your journey to destress it and take care of  it.

Until next time!

Much love and happiness

Operationlivehealthy ❤️️


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