Juicing for a healthier YOU!

Hey all!


The new year is upon us, and I am inspired to HELP in any way I can!

Juicing has so many AMAZING benefits, it helps with increasing your metabolic rate, the absorbency factor is way higher and our bodies absorb ALL the nutrients we need. Helps to prevent diseases, inflammation, and increase IMMUNITY!

Ah the list could go on and on.

I started juicing about a year and a half ago.

My mom gave me so many vegetables from her garden. Mainly including BEETS! BEETS? I said to my mom, what am I suppose to do with all of these things. Then as I had what felt like 30 beets sitting on my counter I decided to do a little research and learned how beneficial they are for our bodies, but also how I can use it for BODYBUILDING! I had always taken a pre workout which included nitric oxide and beta alanine and other ingredients but the biggest thing for me was the PUMP, or the blood flow from a pre workout. So I learned that BEETS contain NITRATES. These NITRATES then through a chain reaction in the body get turned into NITRIC OXIDE! AH! how exciting is that, so then I would start juicing a couple beets, adding in some carrots and such and drink that before the gym, and achieved basically the same effects.

I felt so SMART when I found this out, and felt EVERYONE should know mainly because I am so INTO a more holistic natural way on accomplishing daily life. So if I can help to educate on PREVENTING DISEASES, ACHIEVING A GREAT PUMP AT THE GYM, AND many more LIFE LONG benefits then HECK ya I’m going to EDUCATE YOU!


Okay so lets get started. Today I did my FIRST ever FB live, it was exciting and so much fun here’s the link so you can watch it:


This recipe includes:





and some mason jars for storage.


Hope you like the VIDEO and make sure to like my FB page or subscribe to my BLOG page for any new RECIPES or MOTIVATION that I POST!!!

Much love and happiness,

Operationlivehealthy ❤


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