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Self care this summer

Hello everyone I felt very inspired to write you this blog post after seeing everyone out and about today with their shorts, tank tops, and can you guess what else? Their SUNBURNS!

Holy sunburn everywhere, I just couldn’t believe it and it got me to thinking how often do people even apply sunscreen to their face let alone their bodies? Well I’m here to give you some quick tips and pointers as to why it’s so IMPORTANT to protect our skin from the sun this summer. Suncreen helps all of us to prevent skin aging, wrinkles and skin cancer. When I was a young girl I loved tanning in tanning beds creating a beautiful bronzed skin just so I could feel good about myself. The summers consisted of laying by our pool with baby oil slathered on me eager to see a tan line. I loved it and thrived off of it. Sometimes for fun I’d even put a sticker on during tanning to see if I got color that session. This is pretty normal if not more popular now, and as I’m maturing in age I feel that now I wish I would have taken better care of my skin in my late teens early twenties but who thinks of skin care? Who has time for that?

Well we all do and that’s the sad truth it’s literally as easy as caring about what we put in our bodies via food, water, and what we put on our skin via lotions with parabens, high fragrance lotions, and dye from clothing. I’m guilty of it, but here are some quick and easy ways to help keep that SUNBURN away this summer.

  1. Purchase travel size sunscreen spray or squeeze bottle – Keep these in your purse, vehicle, boat, cabin, pool, travel bag. Wherever you know that you’ll end up needing it. BE PREPARED!
  2. Purchase sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher – This will ensure that your skin will be protected and hopefully keep any gnarly sunburn at bay. Follow directions on bottle for application after being in water.
  3. Always always always have a moisturizer or foundation that contains SPF – I currently use the Mary Kay SPF protectant which contains SPF 25 which is pretty remarkable for being a day time solution. I’d highly recommend this one but you can also find some good quality ones at the drug stores for example ( Neutrogena, Eucerin, Aveeno, Cetaphil ) those are some you can search out
  4. Wear a hat or sunglasses – This is so important also because the skin under our eyes is so incredibly delicate. If we don’t properly cover these areas we are more susceptible to skin damage under our eyes let alone the strain it puts on our eyes with no protection.
  5. Lastly be MINDFUL – You’re probably thinking what does this have to do with sunscreen. When I started to incorporate sunscreen into my facial regime and my outdoor regimen it was hard to remember, but in being mindful you tend you REMEMBER easier that you should have protection on your skin and eventually it’ll become a habit for you.

Sunburns aren’t cute let alone good for you. We all can take preventative action to our skin health with these small and easy steps. All it takes is a little effort.

If you have any further questions regarding skin health this is a great website for further information

Much love and happiness

Operation Live Healthy ❤


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