The most important thing you could possibly do for yourself and others this Christmas

Christmas is upon us, are you READY?

I mean…. are you REALLY READY?

As a typical busy society we run day to day without even realizing what’s going on around us. We travel through the week only looking forward to FRIYAY! In search of allowing us to relax, unwind, and de stress from the week that we just ran through. Imagine, that’s actually how we are living, how ungrateful does that sound. Throughout my journey of developing myself mentally and spiritually I’ve TRULY learned mindfulness, or the act of being present in the moment. You could bring this up to me about a year ago and I would get frustrated, because I believed I was living mindfully. When I wasn’t.

My mind was always in yesterday, tomorrow, next week, or next month! Ugh, just so unbelievably exhausting it’s no wonder I was drained of all my energy then put my job, life, and society on top of it. What a useless route to channel our powerful field.

I want to explain to you how important it is to be MINDFUL, especially at CHRISTMAS or any HOLIDAY GATHERING. The hustle and bustle of cooking, drinking, enjoying family festivities it’s fun and yet chaotic all at the same time. Scheduling to gather all family and loved ones, fretting about weather, dates, and times is stressful. So when you travel home to Christmas, are you REALLY THERE?? Or do you constantly think of what you have to do tomorrow, next week, what bills still need to be paid, laundry, house chores. If this is you, just STOP!!!! STOP STOP STOP!!!

This year I am challenging you to TRULY be one with each moment that takes place. We are all fully aware that family doesn’t last forever and all loved ones leave us eventually. So why wouldn’t you want to take this once a year opportunity to truly be one with the moment, unplug from society, and just LOVE. Feel love, feel present, feel the moment, and engage in conversations that are full and memorable. We aren’t able to change what has previously been laid out for us, but from here on out we have the ability to create INTENTION in our moments and minds.

Here’s some ways to help you be more MINDFUL during Christmas:

  1. Focus on your breathing
  2. Focus on each body part ( this is huge, this allows you to focus on you in the present moment and bring you back in )
  3. Clear your mind ( with intention )
  4. Let any thought weighing on your mind to dissipate with each exhale
  5. Take a break from social media ( this is HUGE, unplug and focus that attention on family )
  6. Engage in a conversation with a family member and focus on listening with undivided attention
  7. Be mindful of eating, chew each bite and savor ( this too helps with overeating or indulging )
  8. Practice, practice, practice ( If you continue this practice, you’ll achieve a calm mind with renewed energy )

This is something I never understood the importance of until I’ve been able to control this part of myself. I love having a peaceful mind. I can sit without racking my brain and wasting energy. I’m able to drive with no radio and achieve a clear mind. I am able to think clearer.

It is mindfulness that allows us to be fully open and present to our true meaning in life. When your brain is jam packed with junk there is no clear path to allow anything good to come in, but when we have a clear brain eager to listen, that’s when we will truly be given what we need to hear.

Call me crazy, but I know this to be a FACT. Between mindfulness, gratefulness, and moving your bodies. You will open yourself up to GREATER opportunities and change. Stay the same, and nothing will change for you.


Until next time

Much love and happiness

Operationlivehealthy ❤


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