Preparing for the NEW YEAR


Alrighty friends and family I want to do a short blog about ways you can PREPARE yourself for the new year!!

I have noticed just from talking with people over the years it seems they typically decide they want to start working out or eating healthier or lose that pesky 10 lbs. Maybe that’s your new years resolution, maybe it’s not. Regardless of what the resolution IS we know that consistent habits aren’t created overnight. Right? Right.

So this is why I’m here to help you with how to get some habits started.

When I decided to hop on my personal journey to truly discovering myself it took me time and time again to be conscious, present, and create discipline to push myself to grow. The absolute 1st thing I decided to do for myself was create AFFIRMATIONS & MANTRAS. I literally would write out sayings which seemed at the time unrealistic and absolutely nuts, for example YOU ARE CONFIDENT, YOU ARE FEARLESS, YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL, YOU WILL ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. I realize now this seemed so far fetched because that was how distant I was from my soul and how much I needed self love, but I had them on my nightstand my mirror, my phone. Any place that I would set my eyes on first thing in the morning. That is where I put those hand written notes. Trust me this sounds silly, but after time once it became a habit to say mantras over an over again in my head it started to be a part of who I was becoming.

From that point, then I decided that I was going to focus on 1 thing. JUST 1! This one thing, was preparing healthy food in advance for myself which allowed me to set myself up for success. Any point in time I would have a craving come on I didn’t have to fret or really hone in on my craving and obsess over it because I already was prepared.

This process took months of consistent effort and dedication to truly push oneself to grow into the person that you are wanting to be!!

She/he is in there and with the right mantras and steps forward you can get to being that happy, positive, and driven individual. So with this short little blog I will leave you with some examples of AFFIRMATIONS & MANTRAS that YOU can start to put into effect IMMEDIATELY!! Time isn’t ticking backwards so your time is NOW!


  • I have used kindness in all my thoughts
  • I will choose happiness today
  • I will choose to not see fear in making decisions outside my comfort zone
  • I take care of myself because I love myself
  • I know that I am worthy of my dreams/desires

Examples of MANTRAS ( daily saying for yourself ) mostly I AM statements

  • I AM abundant
  • I AM grounded
  • I AM fearless
  • I AM deserving of love
  • I AM thankful

I’m sure you get the point! If  not, there are SO many affirmation & mantra videos on youtube or pinterest. If you are wanting to make a MASSIVE SHIFT in yourself physically, emotionally, mentally in 2017. This is where I would start, just know you should NEVER compare your journey to anyone else’s. You are YOU for a reason and went through what you went through to mold you into the human you are today. We all can grow and be successful, were adaptable by nature. Lets start off 2017 with a BANG!!! I know in my heart this is one of the most useful tools there is for habit making, and it’s FREE!!

You owe it to YOURSELF to do this for your soul. Do this for you!
I am so happy to have you along with me on this journey and especially this holiday season!


As always much love and happiness,

Operationlivehealthy ❤


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