Crispy oven baked wings with healthy strawberry BBQ sauce

Here I am posting this while listening to this years super bowl, waiting for some AWESOME commercials, and wishing I had more of these wings and drummies to eat. The idea to concoct strawberry BBQ sauce came to me 2 plus years ago. At this time in my life I didn’t make very healthy conscious food choices. I was enjoying some strawberry ice cream oh my gosh it was DELICOUS! Then, I decided to eat some bbq chips…. this merry of flavors that occurred on my tongue became surprisingly delicious and addicting. So I thought someday I will create strawberry BBQ sauce and it’s going to be AMAZING!!!


So here it is, this is how I made these amazing little wings and drummies!!

Ingredients for wings/drummies:

Baking sheet, wire rack, 1 Tsp baking powder, salt, pepper, olive oil, pkg of raw drummies/wings.

Ingredients for strawberry BBQ sauce:

1  can ( 15 oz) tomato sauce, 1/2 C apple cider vinegar, 1/3 C agave syrup, 1/4 C raw honey, 1/4 C tomato paste, 1/4 C molasses, 3 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1 C chopped strawberries.

This is how to make it!!

I started by preheating my oven to 250*

Prepare your chicken put in bowl toss in some olive oil to coat along with some fresh cracked pepper and a dash of salt. Once they are all evenly coated add in 1 tsp of baking powder. This will help to change the PH of the chickens skin allowing it to crisp up and become golden brown. Cook these on your wire rack with baking sheet under. This will allow even heat to be distributed. Cook your wings/drummies for 30 minutes at this temp.

While your chicken begins to cook chop up your strawberries, if you have a small baking dish toss these in your pan and put in your oven. They will become soft and start to caramelize we will leave them in until we turn up the temp for the chicken.

Once your 30 minutes is up you will turn up your temperature to 400* cooking your chicken for roughly 35-40 minutes. My oven is hotter and this time worked perfect. After your turn up your heat, allow the strawberries to remain in your oven for roughly 10 more minutes. When they are soft and caramelized take them out to cool slightly.

While your strawberries are cooling add your liquid ingredients into a pan and allow to come to a boil. When you have your liquid formed take roughly 3/4 of a cup and add to a blender and toss in your strawberries. We want to blend your strawberries and create a sauce with them. When it’s all liquefied toss into the pan and stir until completely mixed. I let my sauce come to a boil and then put the burner on low and let it cool down.

With 10 minutes remaining on my chicken I turned them. When your sauce is cooked to a thick consistency take off the burner to cool. When your chicken is done take out and let it cool down slightly keeping your oven on we want to take a large bowl toss in your wings/drummies add your bbq sauce to coat evenly and put back on the rack to toss in the oven for a couple minutes so the sauce hardens.

I plated them up adding sauce as DESIRED and ENJOYED!! They were so crispy and this sauce turned out to be exactly what I wanted. I can’t wait to try this on many more meats!!



Much love and happiness

Operationlivehealthy ❤



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