Twinkly eyes and a little pink bow


As I mentioned In my OLH vlog I spoke about how one of the ways I wanted to give back this year was to not only donate my time, but donate to toys for tots this year. David and I have tried on numerous accounts to head to the store in plans of donating but all cards were taken. What a wonderful gift to give this year and we clearly are not the only ones with the intentions of paying it forward.

As I’ve put more focus on helping this year versus being so worried about my family Christmas and my budget. My eyes have been opened to a new meaning of Christmas and the reason behind volunteering not only for the Christmas season, but indefinitely. The joy of giving anonymously is truly a one of a kind feeling. I feel very blessed that the company I work for is very involved in ways to help pay it forward. As I said I wasn’t able to purchase a gift and donate it at the store, but thankfully I could donate at my work and today we are accepting donations and giving back!

I spent my morning yesterday walking up and down the children aisle contemplating what toy should I buy. Should I buy for a boy? or a girl? Younger? or older? This thought ran through my mind until I envisioned a beautiful little girl in my mind. I knew then that I should purchase a gift for a little girl. I decided on a Disney character doll with interchangeable shoes, hair, dress, and accessories. In donating my gift today I feel so fired up for all the tiny smiling faces that will be given all these gifts.

Especially all of the families that will be impacted from the selfless acts that have been collected this holiday season. The giving never ends and the impact always stays but most importantly I’m looking forward to donating my time and love even after this holiday season.


Much love and happiness

Operationlivehealthy ❤





























































































































































































































































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