Morning Walk and thoughts

Early morning cardio…BRRRrr but man I feel ALIVE

Goodmorning, If you’re reading this YOU WOKE UP TODAY!! I WOKE UP TODAY! This alone should make you grateful ❤ I know I surely am !!


Alright, so I woke up early this morning and made the choice to get outside and go for a walk although my inner self is telling me, “uh what do you think you’re doing its cold out, and where are you going to walk” Of course when we as humans decide to do something that pushes us outside of our comfort zones we always want to revert back to what makes us feel comfy. Its like our inner selves are acting as the parent of our soul and when our inner child wants to go explore and try something new our parent (soul) is telling us all the reasons as to why we SHOULDNT!! Well this morning I CHOSE to not listen to my inner parent and get my butt going!!

I started making my coffee oh how I love the smell of coffee in the early morning it just puts my mood in a relaxed state and listening to the coffee maker make its glorious noises (hehehe) I ran around my house getting my workout clothing on and boom; it hits me. Oh my gosh hold on; for starters you woke up today! Holy moly first thing I should be grateful for, and then all these things started flowing through my mind not only did I wake up but I woke up to a heated home, I have a job that allows me to have a heated home, a healthy body I’m going to go move, clothes to put on my healthy body. Lord almighty they just were flowing this morning. I stepped outside and I heard birds, and it almost seemed like a foreign noise because I can not recall the last time I just took time for myself to be one with nature. Listening to these birds, seeing my breathe in the air, and frost all over I couldn’t be happier that I made this decision to go for a walk.

I saw the sun rising in the sky and feeling it not only heat up my cold cheeks but all the frost was slowly melting, roosters were crowing, and everybody was on their way to work. Grateful, that’s all I could keep thinking. Today is my day and I plan to live it like it was my last and I plan to keep moving in the direction my soul is taking me. Pushing against what our inner selves wants only makes us unhappy inside and doesn’t allow us to be thankful for what we do have. I have a home, clothes, job, transportation, water, food, amazing boyfriend, loving friends and family, and there is no reason I should continue to look past these things and not be so thankful for all this day in and day out. So many wish they could be walking, breathing, letting their noses run :), having strong healthy lungs to breathe with. (so thankful)

I am on my way to a Mary Kay career conference these next two days and I already set my mind right this morning for what I can control (for example my mind) I am choosing to soak up all the energy I will have around me, make new relationships with women, and enjoy myself to the fullest extent. I will take away so many awesome suggestions to allow me to be successful at  my business and will put it into affect. I love my life, and I only want to keep loving it more and more. Today is my day one, I already earned my happiness this morning and am so excited to fill my mind and heart ❤

Much love and happiness

Operationlivehealthy 2016 ❤


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